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Your pieces are hand made with delicate hand craftsmanship, time and care. She needs special care to keep well maintained.


Be sure to read the care label that will be included in the box when the order arrives, and keep it in a safe place. Our care labels are not attached to the garment with plastic  as we try to minimise as much waste as we can, so make sure to look for it in case it has slipped don the side of your box during transit. 


Ink Drop - Imelda - Ivana - Icon - Icing 

Use a gentle hand wash only and don't scrub or wring the knit, gently poke it around in the warm soapy water, or special no rinse wool detergent such as 'Soak'.


Squeeze the water out do not wring the knit, lay it on a towel and gently roll it into a sausage to squeeze out the excess water. 

Dry it on a flat surface, like another towel. Try to keep it in the right shape without any stretching as it dries. Use steam from an iron to remove any wrinkles and relax the knit. 


Over time and with friction you may find some excess fibres mesh together forming bobbles on the surface. You can gently pull them off with your finger or use a Pill Comb, or a small pair of scissors to remove them. 

If a tail of yarn starts to poke out you can trim it off. 


Ivy - Iris - Irina - Ingrid - Iva​ - Indi

Use a gentle hand wash to best preserve the piece. Gently squeeze out the water and be careful not to twist it out of shape. If possible dry it on a flat surface, or hang it on a line so long as it won't distort.


If your piece has long threads (like the flowers on the Ivy) avoid snagging them on other items and pulling the stitches. 

The colour of the yarn may fade if kept in direction sunlight for prolonged periods of time, avoid drying bikini items in the sun where possible.


If a tail of yarn starts to poke out you can trim it off. 

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